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We’re seeking to satisfy our customers’ personalized needs with devoted competence and unique ideas since 2000. Terry cloth, promotional gifts or stationery?
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Nowadays quality and trust are a kind of „luxury” that is hard to uncipher.
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„Trust leads to more trust.”


We built our company with hard work and undiminished enthusiasm at the beginning of 2000. We had faith and trust in our customers and wished to create a base that both parties can build on.
Thanks to our decades of experience we are being a constant part of the Hungarian competitive market and we are proud of our virtues and long-term partnerships.
In the center of our ideologies are standing the goals to achieve unconditional trust during our cooperations.
For this, we give our customers qualitative standards that will certainly enrich their everyday life.
We recommend our products mostly for companies who think it is important to give their partners such valuable gifts as their services or distributed products.


3 kiemelt területtel foglalkozunk:

  • Minőségi frottír produktumok értékesítése egyenesen az Európai Unióból, egyedi designnal, szőve vagy utólag hímezve.
  • A promóció végtelen kelléktárát felhasználva (magyar, európai vagy távol-keleti gyártással), reklámajándékok árusítása.
  • Nemzetközi irodaszer nagykereskedés viszonteladójaként külön webáruházban, 24 órás szállítással állunk ügyfeleink rendelkezésére.

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Cégünk új lehetőségeket teremtett. A hazai piacon elsőként alkalmaztuk sajátos zsugorítási technikánkat, amellyel hozzájárulunk a praktikus szállítási, tárolási és reklámhordozói kondíciókhoz.

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Terry cloth




„If I have a problem to solve, Diszker Kft. is definitely among the first ones to come to my mind. The company is quality- and customer-oriented, distribute high-quality products and is looking for the most suitable solution in every cases. Over and above they are reliable, what we agree on is guaranteed.”
Dr. Beáta Borda
Senior product maganer/EGIS Pharmacy Zrt.

„They are the reason to do something new, we even change our towels for new ones because of the company’s beautiful solutions. They are so convincing, we don’t see any risks! They always bring the best quality as well: there is only a minimal difference between the used 1 and 5 years old towels...!”
Bacskai Emőke
OTP Bank Nyrt.

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